:) :) :)

:) You’ll notice that he is looking AT ME!

We had a fabulous, amazing, wonderful time. Our seats were terrific (although for this shot, I was literally at the bottom of the steps walking up to the stage).

Here’s a picture that Kandi took of us headed to Nashville:

Her fisheye lens has distorted us a little bit, but those smiles are genuine. We were all so excited all day that we could hardly stand it.  Most of you who have known me forever know how much I’ve always loved Steve Martin. I can’t even describe how I felt seeing him.  I think the man is a genius. Love, love, love him. Everything was perfect, but I only wish my hubby had gone with me.

Here are Brooke and Chad in downtown Nashville:

On June 6, it will be three months since I started working out and I wanted to give a three-month report. :) *I* personally haven’t been able to tell a difference in my body, other than feeling muscles getting larger and such as that since I started working out. BUT when my son hugged me today he said, “Oh my gosh, you are REALLY getting small.” That, of course, made my day, so I thought I’d find an old picture of me before I started working out, compared to one that Brooke took of me this morning before the concert.  Here you go (sadly, weight loss doesn’t make one pretty, just skinny):

Starred Photos1-3

Me last October (which is how my body still looked in March, if not fatter) and then me this morning (note: my pants are a little big because I’m growing out of everything-yay!):

Not a HUGE difference, I know. I’m taking things slow.  I don’t want to screw up so I’m doing things right this time. Anyway, I can still see a small difference. Can you?

Later, gators.

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5 thoughts on “:) :) :)

  1. Wow!!!

    You LOOK mah-vah-lous!

    And it sounds like you had a great time.

    Keep up the fantastic work…and btw, you are very pretty!

  2. You look amazing. You have no idea how beautiful you are. You do NOT look your age at all. Even with the weight you have beautiful skin. I can tell when I see you and I’m so jealous I could spit. You are my inspiration. You really look great honey. I love you.

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