Horrible Dreams

This picture cracks me up. See the dead piece of grass framing the turtle’s face? It reminded me of those old-style wigs like Benjamin Franklin would’ve worn. :)

This morning after my hubby left for work, I fell back asleep. I kept having horrible dreams about my grandmother being in a nursing home and them having to tie her down because she was having such violent episodes and causing injury to herself because of her Alzheimer’s disease.

In one dream she was in a room by herself, alone in the dark, and hooked up to these machines that would show us exactly what her brain was doing. It was as if we could watch what she was thinking by watching a monitor hooked up to the other side of all the wires hooked up to her head. She was thinking about herself, as a pre-teen, playing in a creek with her sisters and brothers.

In another dream (there were several because I kept waking up) I was begging the nurse to please let me go check on her, and she told me that my grandmother was sleeping and if I woke her up, she’d be prone to hurting herself.  I had a feeling that the nurse was lying so I went into my grandmother’s room only to find her begging for help–and all I could see was her face because they had her so tightly wrapped (like a mummy) that she couldn’t move. I took her out of there and as I was loading her in my golf cart (not a car, but a golf cart for some reason), it started lightning right above us, and when I looked over to her, she was back in the hospital bed. Then I woke up for good. Stupid dreams.

Oh, and for the record, my grandmother was never in a nursing home. She died at her home.

I HATE having dreams about her like that.

ANYWAY, tonight is the night. :) I’ll be seeing Steve Martin and I’ve adored him since the second grade. :) I think Vince Gill and his wife, Amy Grant, are going to be there, too, but who cares? It’s STEVE MARTIN! Yay! :)

My hubby had to get up at 4 this morning for a job about 3 hours from here. He didn’t fall asleep until after midnight. I know he’s exhausted. Poor fella. :( Maybe he can take a good nap this afternoon.

Later, gators.

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