I accidentally let about 100 crickets loose in my car today. Crickets. Chirping crickets. In my car. The crickets were bait and I was going to set them free. When I pulled their little bucket towards me, the lid came off and crickets went everywhere. It’s Marshall’s fault, really.  Had he put the lid on tight this would’ve never happened. Right? :)

We fished in between rain storms.  And just between you and me, I don’t really like fishing, but I like being with my hubby and want to share his hobby with him. If you’ve seen me golf, you’ll understand why it has to be fishing. :) I admit it is fun to feel a fish tugging on your line, but I’m so extremely tenderhearted that it breaks my heart to actually catch one. I can’t help it. I just don’t like killing or hurting animals, be it fish or insects or whatever. I can’t STAND it.

We had a great day today. We were going to go down to my aunt and uncle’s lake house for their big Memorial Day cookout but time got away from us so we just stayed where we were (which was Nickajack). Cain was catching bass and he was having a great time. I do wish we’d have gone down there though. It’s rare these days that we get to spend time with the exteneded family.

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One thought on “Crickets

  1. Remember the white deaf cat I had named Daisey? She may have been before your time. When I lived on Signal Mountain I had a roommate with a pet gecko. She came home with crickets in a little cage to feed the nasty beast. She hung the basket on the faucet in my bathtub. A few hours later I walk in the bathroom and there is one cricket still alive, but barely. His leg was hanging out of Daisey’s mouth, twitching. I’m choosing to believe she ate them all because I never saw any of them around the house. Funny it was.

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