Not A Happy Camper


This morning I skipped Pump class because I had an early hair appointment. Not so early that I couldn’t sleep a little late, which I was excited about. I woke up several times last night, and didn’t even go to bed until almost 2 simply because I couldn’t sleep. I woke up this morning at 5:30 to dogs up the street barking (I’m about to call the law on that lady–she has about 5 beagles in tiny pens and they bark CONSTANTLY), and woke up again when Brooke kissed me bye this morning at 7ish.

I fell back into a nice sleep when she left, only to wake up 45 minutes later to “Hey, what are you doing?” Hubby was sitting down on my side of the bed, softly shaking me awake. What am I doing?! I’m SLEEPING! What does it LOOK like I’m doing?! I swear, my hubby is incapable of letting me sleep. Completely and utterly incapable.

So, I didn’t wake up with the best attitude today. My mood is about like those clouds right now. :( I was excited because for three straight days I’ve been asking Marshall to go exploring with me. He’s been getting home shortly after 1 or 2 and he hasn’t wanted to do a thing. I can totally understand that–really I can–but I was super-excited today because he told me that we’d go exploring when I got back from getting my hair done (which looks fabulous AND blonde).

Cain is home now and I’m feeling in a much better mood. We did explore but didn’t get to for very long because Marshall offered to help a buddy move something. Tomorrow we’re going out to my Daddy’s for a cookout and I cannot WAIT.

Good night.

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