Here’s Lucy after she fell in a pond (face first) that Marshall and Cain were fishing from. Silly dog, she is the biggest klutz of a dog that I’ve ever seen.

I rode my bike again today. I have always enjoyed riding a bike and I think I’m going to start riding more regularly. I’m not interested in being a cyclist. I just want to take leisure rides.

I can’t believe that Kris won American Idol. He’s fantastic and I love his voice but Adam should’ve won. I mean, come ON. Every single song he sang was perfect. PERFECT.

I was sore disappointed. ;)


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3 thoughts on “Ooook

  1. I’m finally at a happy place emotionally so now I’m going to focus on my body now that I have my soul back. I want to start riding as well. I won’t do 20 miles like that freak roommate of mine but maybe one day. Have you been to the daily plate? You can enter calories, track how much you need to eat to lose x lbs per week. There is all sorts of fancy stuff you can pay for but the basic free stuff is awesome. Check it out.

  2. Oh and how excited are YOU that I’m getting a hot tub today? I’ll work real hard to make sure this one doesn’t turn into the petri dish that the one at the cabin did. I can still remember that smell. Yuck.

    Actually, Char will work real hard to keep it clean. I’ll work real hard to keep it full of folks.

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