I Need A Nap

We had Rowan all day today and she was, as usual, a perfect angel. The only complaint that I have is that she slept too much. ;)

I’m so very sleepy and feel like I need to sleep for a couple of days. I’m really going to try hard to sleep late tomorrow and I hope I’m able to do so.

I was a bad girl this weekend with my eating. Nothing too major but I need to get back on track. Funny, but on the rare occasion that I DO eat things I shouldn’t eat, I feel so guilty that I don’t fall back into old habits.

Here are the things I got at the yard sales on Highway 11 yesterday:

The book, “Nelly and Fido” was $9 and it has a handwritten inscription with a date of 1899. It has beautiful drawings and cute stories. In the middle of the photo is a vintage lithograph that I got for $3. I absolutely LOVE it and I can’t wait to have it framed. It’s going to look so cute in my kitchen. :) Those Ball jars were $2.50.  BUT I ended up getting everything for free because I found $20 on the ground at one of the yard sales we stopped at. :)

Glad JT won Survivor. Yay!


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2 thoughts on “I Need A Nap

  1. She slept all day at your house so she could come home and NOT sleep. That is such a wonderful pic. I must have it so I can get it in an 8×10.

    And rub it in that I missed the yard sale. The first year ever. Whaa.

    I want to know what is in that bank.

  2. idon’t think that you did bad at all on your diet and i bet you walked 5 or 6 miles so it all evened out…

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