Isn’t she the cutest thing? Seriously, there’s something about jumping spiders that I find just absolutely adorable. And no, I’m not kidding. This one was no bigger than a toddler’s pinky fingernail. It was tiny!

The storm we had last night was just crazy.  I don’t know the last time I saw lightning like that–or if I’ve EVER saw lightning like that. It was just constant lightning and thunder. We turned off all the lights and opened the blinds and just watched the show. We had to unplug everything and the power went off for a bit–right when we were near the end of the movie we had rented over the television (Seven Pounds starring Will Smith). We were finally able to finish the movie which was horribly sad. Sad, but good.

Today we got up early and headed out to the Highway 11 yard sales, and i’ll tell you more about that in the morning. :) We had a good day.


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One thought on “Yowsa

  1. Again I say… too many legs, too many eyes.

    If Rowan comes home with spider bites I’ll know it was your fault. Trying to get a pic of a “cute” spider with a cute baby.


    Love you.

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