I Can See the Floor!

So I just watched In the Land of Women and it was terrific. I missed the very first part of it so I hope it comes on again.

This morning at 6 a.m. I saw three figures come into my bedroom and walk straight to Marshall’s side of the bed. I couldn’t move for a second because I was of course freaking out. These figures were solid black, just silhouttes, really. I jumped straight up ready to attack them apparently–and they just walked straight out of the side of the house–and then I woke up. It scared the soup outta me. It also scared the soup out of Marshall. I HATE when I dream something like that and think it’s real, and I do it quite often.

Brooke and I got rid of a crapload of stuff from the upstairs room today.  I’m very proud of us. It was a LOT of work. We’re nowhere near finished though. We wanted to go to the park and walk after we finished up but it’s really cloudy out there. The rain wasn’t supposed to move in until tomorrow but no noooo, it came today.

Ok, I know most of you will scoff because he’s on American Idol and “that show is stupid” and blah blah blah, but do yourself a favor and download Mad World from iTunes by Adam Lambert. It is AMAZING. He’s a fantastic singer. I think I’ve downloaded most all of his songs. His voice just blows me away.

But I wanted Danny to win. :(

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One thought on “I Can See the Floor!

  1. Your blogs should come with disclaimers… “Don’t read just before bedtime.” Yikes. I dream crap like that all the time too and I HATE IT!!!!! Remind me to tell you about my window thing….

    Miss you. Sniff sniff.

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