Brooke and I got up early and went to Pump class at the gym. This was AFTER I was jolted awake at 5:25 by a bad sting right above my left breast near the crook of my arm. I rolled over on a Guinea wasp and OUCH–that sucker packed a punch. It was real fun working out and having my bra rub up against the place where I was stung. I felt like I was on fire all day.

Today’s workout was really hard. I also watched the trainer closely as she led us in our workout and realized that allllll this time I’ve been doing lunges wrong. No wonder I wasn’t feeling “the burn” that she’d say we should be feeling. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong, but after watching her I realized that I’ve been putting my back foot all the way on the ground and you shouldn’t do that. Just ONE little thing like that can make a difference in your workout. I wonder what else I’m doing wrong?

I’m contiually amazed at how different my body feels. As far as actual weigh loss, I guess I haven’t lost a lot, BUT I can feel muscles and see how my body is toning up. Sometimes it is frustrating to step on the scales and be stuck at one place, but I know I’m building muscle so it’ll all even out in the end I hope. :)

Brooke and I walked at the park and then came home. After I got ready I went to Wal-Mart to get some storage bins for all the Christmas stuff that I have, and if you know how much I love Christmas then I’m sure you can imagine how much stuff I have. :) On a whim I also bought myself a fishing pole. When I was a youngster I fished with my Dad and since Cain and Marshall are really enjoying it, I thought I’d like to give it a go, too.

I came home and filled up the storage bins (four of them) and realized I didn’t have enough. :( I’ll have to get a couple more later. When Marshall got home we went on the mountain to do a bit of fishing. Now, he’s been going on a pretty regular basis and EVERY time he goes he catches something. Today, we didn’t get a single bite. I was so disappointed. I decide to fish and they decide to stop biting. ;)

On the way home we spotted that box turtle in the photo above. He sunk back in his shell so I just stuck my camera down there and hoped for the best. Isn’t he cute? I moved him out of the road after I took a couple of shots. :)

Later, gators.

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