What Were We Thinking?!

Brooke and I decided to tackle the upstairs room today and BOY did we take on a chore. When Brooke left for college back in 2005 we started using her old bedroom as a storage room. It is PACKED FULL. When she moved back home last fall she moved into Cain’s room since his room is downstairs with us so we just left all the junk up there. AND we added Cain’s stuff to the room that he didn’t need to take to college with him so when I say it’s full, I mean it’s full.

While clearing stuff out we found the very first cell phone I had. We laughed and laughed at how large and heavy it is. Brooke is a nutball and had a good laugh out of it. We threw a whole lot of stuff away and have several boxes of stuff to prepare for a yard sale. We barely made a dent in all of the stuff–and we only cleaned out one side of the room (the room extends all the way across the house; it used to be the attic but was converted into a bedroom before we moved here). We still have the whole other side of the room to go, PLUS all the crap we brought downstairs.  Who knows how long it will take us to get it all cleaned out.

I was hungry ALL day and felt like I ate all day. :( I’ve only had one other day like this since I started exercising and eating healthy food, and that was about a month ago. I was very frustrated with myself. I’m not sure why I was so hungry.

Brooke and I went to the gym at 8:30 tonight and did our weights. We got enough cardio here at the house walking up and down the stairs and by carrying all that stuff downstairs.

It has turned cold here, which is rather nice after going straight to summer-like temps for most of the spring season. Today’s high was 69 and even though we were working our tails off, we sure did stay chilly. I guess I could’ve closed all the windows. ;)


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One thought on “What Were We Thinking?!

  1. Junk! I could get a front end loader for the junk we’ve got collected in the shed!

    Love that old phone, I can remember a boyfriend who had a ‘brick’ phone, remember those??

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