Mother’s Day

This morning I woke up to breakfast in bed, prepared and served by my sweet hubby. :) And no, I didn’t eat all of that food, but I did eat a bit of everything on my plate (minus the rose he picked from me from one of our rose bushes) and it was delicious. :)

We put on junk clothes and headed to an area that just opened up to the public. It’s now part of one of our wildlife managed areas and we did a bit of hiking:

Cain isn’t a giant, but he does tower over the rest of us–me by more than a foot. :) We hiked up an old road bed and then moved into a dried creek bed. We found all sorts of neat things, including whatever this is, eating whatever that is:

Brooke found that and picked it up to show me, then later in the walk Cain found this odd caterpillar:

We also found several Jack In the Pulpit wildflowers:

And everything was so green and beautiful!

The guys fished for a while after our hike and caught a few fish. Brooke and I found the nest of a red-winged blackbird and took a couple of shots and then left it be:

When we got home Brooke and Marshall cooked grilled chicken breast, roasted potatoes and salad. It was delicious. :) We had a wonderful day.

Cain left to go back to school and he won’t be home again until next month. I wasn’t ready for him to go back, as usual. I can’t wait for him to be home for the summer.


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One thought on “Mother’s Day

  1. Oh what a nice Mother’s Day! You lucky gal!
    Our Jack in the Pulpits have a purplish stem on them…I’ll have to put one on Flickr or on my blog.

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