Lula Lake

Today was the “Pennington Family & Friends” hike. We had several family members and a few friends join us for our trip, including my cousin who you see here walking Lucy.

It rained not long after we started our hike. Thankfully the folks who oversee Lula Lake Land Trust (LLLT) had set us up a covered picnic table. By the time we finished our lunch the rain was gone and we set out to finish our hike. The sky was blue with a few clouds after a little bit and the day was a huge success (minus all of my missing friends who couldn’t show up or had to leave early–we really missed them). :(

After we left LLLT, we headed out to do a bit of fossil hunting. The youngsters (including my kiddos) had a great time digging around, and they actually found several fossils. It was a great way to end our trip.

Tomorrow the kids & hubby are taking me hiking for Mother’s Day and I really look forward to it. :)

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