This is a small bee on Golden Ragwort. I took this picture on my walk at the Chickamauga Battlefield.

Rowan was an absolute ANGEL last night. She slept all night and she woke up around 6. I was already awake and just sat there and listened to her coo and talk to herself, which she did for several minutes before I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to pick her up and talk to her. She really is always so very happy. Marshall and I agreed that we’ve never seen anything like it. She smiles constantly. We had a great time with her. :)

Brooke and I were at the gym at 7:50ish to do Pump class at 8:15. It was a great workout. We came home right afterwards because she had to go to work. I fell asleep on the back porch and had a nice little nap but woke myself up by snoring. :)

When Marshall got home, he, Cain, and myself took off to Pigeon Mountain. They fished and I just walked around the pond taking pictures and enjoying being outside. It was SO very pretty out there. We had a great time.

We didn’t get home until 8 p.m. I cooked a quick meal and we relaxed the rest of the evening. We’re going fishing again tomorrow. I can’t wait. :)


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