Help A Sister Out

This is the female Northern Bobwhite.  Isn’t she pretty? I couldn’t believe we saw both the male and female. And *I* spotted them first. I never see anything. LOL  Marshall always sees all the critters and has to point them out to me.

I’m trying to make a really good playlist with workout music for the gym.  Do any of you folks have any suggestions as to what songs I should put on there? I pretty much listen to everything from the 60’s to now. Disco? Love it. Hip Hop? I can handle it.  I just need something that gets me motivated to MOVE.

G’night. :)

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2 thoughts on “Help A Sister Out

  1. Some Prince of course. I also like to put some White Zombie in my workout mix. Who would have guessed? And that Gorillaz song… and Outcast. That is about the only newer music I know that makes me shake a butt. Hmmmm…. Ok, so you probably don’t like that (other than Prince). I know you like Live.

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