The Movies

My rose bush in the backyard has blooms all over it. It’s beautiful!

I met Kandi at the theater at noon today and we watched “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” starring Matthew McConaughey. It was fantastic. It was a great movie. It’s for sure a chick flick so all you gals should go see it. So sweet…

I love going to the theater. We rarely do. Marshall doesn’t much care for it. I’d like to go see a couple of matinees a month. It’s fun, it’s cheap, and then there’s the popcorn. ;)

I had a fantastic, hard workout at the gym this evening. I did all my weights and worked out on the elliptical machine. I remember when I couldn’t do two minutes on that thing. :) In five days I’ll be celebrating two months of my new healthy lifestyle. The weight is coming off slowly but my body is toning up and I can certainly see the difference.  I’m very pleased. :)

We’ve had some tremendous storms rolling through tonight. I sat on the screened porch for a few minutes and was just getting comfortable when a bolt of lightning seemed to hit right beside me. I hauled butt inside.  LOL! The thunder is very loud and I’m rather enjoying all of the rain.

Good night!

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