This is one of the blooms on my azalea (which I call the Peppermint Azalea for obviosu reasons). The solid white part is a fluke, but isn’t it pretty? I’ll take a picture of the whole bush tomorrow as all the blooms should be open by then. It’s GORGEOUS.

Today is my best buddy’s birthday. Kandi turned 27 today (she’s only five years older than my daughter, for cryin’ out loud!) and since she treated me to a day at the spa for MY birthday, I did the same for her today.

We had breakfast in Fort Oglethorpe and then went to Target. Our massages were at two and this time we didn’t go to the same place because we couldn’t get an appointment with the therapists we went to see last time. I had my first full body massage and it was like heaven on earth. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that my room had two windows in it which made the room brighter than I prefered. Kandi said her roomwas nice and dark. Jerk. ;)

It was a terrific day, and I’d tell you more but I’m sleepy.

Night. :)

Happy Birthday, Kandi.  We love you! :)

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