Another Perfect (Hot) Day

This here is just your basic Northern Water Snake. He’s non-venomous and was quite content to let me take a few pictures of him. Here’s my problem: I get so excited about seeing something like this that I start snapping away WITHOUT paying attention to whether or not I have the whole thing in focus. UGH! I took this at a wildlife managed area on the mountain and I guess the people at the WMA have thrown a few tires in the lake for critters to hide in, but I’m not sure about that.

Had a crappy, CRAAAAAPPY night of sleep. It was all my hubby’s fault. ;) He snored so loud that I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 4ish this morning. Usually I can ask him to roll over and he doesn’t snore as loud (when he’s on his right side). Not last night. It didn’t matter which way he turned, he snored. I was ready to scream. :( Then at 5:30 on the dot he started coughing, which of course woke me up. I dozed back off after a few minutes only to be awakened again by Brooke getting ready for work. I hope tonight is a better night for us both.

We had a great day to make up for my horrible night. :) We went to Pigeon Mtn. and hubby fished and I took photos of everything around, including that snake. We came home after several hours so I could do some chores around the house. We were supposed to have gone to supper with his parents but we all decided that we are going to have breakfast together in the morning instead.

Later in the evening we headed back to Pigeon and stayed another couple of hours. It was very hot today but it was another wonderful day. Hope yours was, too!

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One thought on “Another Perfect (Hot) Day

  1. I found the water snake in our area pretty fascinating [along the Mississippi River]. My hubby thought I was out of my mind photographing it.

    EEks..when my hubby snores, I move to another room!

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