Terrific Day

Hubby and I had a terrific day today. :)

I started my day with my first Pilates class at the gym. A couple of people told me that it’s not really so hard, and those people were both huge liars. (o= I was sweating so bad it looked like I had sprung a leak AND there was no way in the world that I could’ve gotten in some of the positions that the instructor was getting in. NO WAY! I’m going to stick with it though even if I do end up breaking my neck.

I walked halfway home from the gym and met my hubby at one of the intersections. I hopped in the car with him and got home, took a shower, got ready and we headed to his parents house for a visit.

His parents have a screened-in patio and they have Carolina Wrens nesting in there. While we were there the five baby birds left the nest and were testing their wings all over the patio. They are SO adorable. And you better believe it took everything I had to NOT get my cameras out.  I didn’t want to freak them out anymore than necessary. :) They are SO, SOOOO cute. Unfortunately I can’t have birds nesting at my house because of the stupid cats (I hate cats!).

We left there and went off the other side of the mountain. We passed large patches of clover (like you see above) and I was able to photograph two different kinds of butterflies that I’ve never photographed before plus monarchs and little skippers. I was very happy about that.

We drove around to several of the places that hubby frequented as a youngster. He was very nostalgic today. He was surprised to see lots of the places he loved now all dotted with houses and “No Trespassing” signs. We enjoyed our day and had a delicious supper at Santa Fe in Fort Payne.

I love days like this. :)


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