23 Years

The stomach virus I had seems to be gone, thank goodness.  I’m feeling much better today.  I’m still walking like Otis (from Andy Griffith) on his worst drunk. And that’s no joke. I’m sure my neighbors are enjoying watching me try to walk and going up and down the steps. It can’t be a pretty sight.

Today my honey and I are celebrating our 23rd anniversary. We’re not “celebrating” so much because we’re both sick, but we’re very happy just being here at home together, and that’s what matters, right? Marshall didn’t realize today was the 19th, so I got tickled this morning when I heard him on the phone with Brooke: “What? No it’s not! It’s not the 19th! IT IS?!” and the next thing I know he’s in the car speeding down the road. LOL

He brought me back a beautiful red Mandevilla. The flowers are gorgeous. :) I love flowers, of course, and he couldn’t have picked a nicer gift. I, however, haven’t gotten him anything yet because of the whole not-able-to-walk thing. I believe I’m ordering him some tickets for a few Braves games. I think he’d enjoy taking his Dad to see a few of the games.

I sat outside for most of the day, taking pictures of a few of the birds that come and visit my feeders. It sprinkled on me for a few minutes but not too much. It’s cloudy out there now, and it looks like we’ve got some heavy rain headed this way. I look forward to it. :)

Tomorrow I’m supposed to start Pilates. I hope I’m able to go. If not, I’ll start on Wednesday.


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5 thoughts on “23 Years

  1. LOL. I imagine you sitting outside getting sprinkled on because it hurts too much to move inside :) Been there, done that with the soreness. Sounds like a little too much pain to be gain. Be careful with Pilates.

  2. rest, yes, but keep moving as much as possible too. it will work the lactic acid buildup out of your muscles faster which is a major source of the pain you experience. and drink major amounts of water. and a little chocolate, but just a square.
    keep rocking on though! you are doing fabulous!!!!

  3. Was this the anniversary we were gonna go away together for? Time flies. I think it was 25 maybe. I’m still game… take me! Take me!

    I love you sunshine.

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