Ah Chooo!

Brooke is sick, Marshall is sick, my buddy Kandi is sick. If I get this cold orwhateverthesoupitis I’m going to strangle all three of them. ;)

Yesterday I could barely move but today I’ve felt FANTASTIC! I got up at 7:45, threw on my clothes, ate a banana and rushed to the gym. The class I took today started at 8:15. I think the class is called “Pump” and it’s a pretty hard class. I was by far the fattest person in there. Actually, I was the ONLY fat person in there.

The first thing we did was lunges while holding a barbell (is that what it’s called?). Two minutes into it, my knee popped and I fell forward and had to sling my barbell over my head to get my balance. I was so embarrassed, but kept going, quietly saying mean things to my knee. The class lasted for a little over and hour and now I can hardly move my legs. My whole body was shaky for about two hours. I completely look forward to the next class, which is next Tuesday. AND I’m going to start taking Pilates classes every Monday and Wednesday. So the schedule goes:

Monday: Pilates, with cardio and weights afterwards.
Tuesday:  Pump class with cardio afterwards.
Wednesday: Pilates with cardio and weights afterwards.
Thursday: Pump class with cardio afterwards.
Friday: Weights and cardio.

Sauna will be the last thing I do on all of those days.  I’ll also  mix it up with my Biggest Loser DVD, too. Fun, fun, fun.

I wish they’d quit showing Zaxby’s commercials. *sigh*

Marshall took me to the Chattanooga Nature Center today. There are lots of beautiful wildflowers blooming so I’m going there tomorrow with my Dad and stepmom.  I’m looking forward to it.

Happy 45th Birthday to my butthead of a sister who NEVER stays in contact with me. :( I love you, Kamille.

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