Who Knew?


Looking up to the sky in my backyard, who’d think there were horrible winds around our area last night? I don’t know if we just didn’t hear about it on the news, or if the forecasters just didn’t know that we were going to have some horrible weather. Nothing happened here at our place but we have several friends with trees down all over the place. Very scary stuff.

I was a bit disgusted with one of the reporters on Channel 9 news. Tanya Mendis (the reporter) was talking about the neighbor of an 18-year old boy who was crushed and killed by a tree that fell on his house. Mendis described the news as “crushing” to the neighbor. Don’t these people think before they speak?

Today was one of those days where I’ve been hungry all day. I don’t know why. I hate days like this. It’s almost 10 p.m. and I’m hungry now. :( Of course, if I eat this late I’ll choke to death. AND I don’t need to eat. But I want to…



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