I Left It!

This is Cain and his buddy Darren. I snapped this shot right as Cain grimaced because he was about to be bit on the shoulder. :) We laughed and laughed. Well, I did anyway.

We left Kentucky around noon or so today and took our time getting home. We searched for a few Geocaches as we drove home (and found a few with Cain and Darren). I love Kentucky and the part of Tennesee that we drive through. It’s so beautiful.

I left my big, gigantic pillow that I love at the hotel room in Kentucky. I left it! I didn’t realize it until Marshall and I headed to bed. I’m going to see if Cain will pick it up for me. It’s not really a pillow; it’s one of those types of pillows that you can sit up on, and they only sell them seasonally at Wal-Mart. Anyway, I’m totally bummed about it.


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