Good Spring Day

Cain’s team had their spring game today. The offense played against the defense and Cain had a really good game. Our defense looked wonderful. This picture shows Cain blocking the pass that the quarterback (not pictured) tried to throw. :) That kid can get some air when he jumps.

Today was a beautiful day. Right after the game we, along with a few other parents, served hotdogs, chips and drinks to the boys. I love getting together with the parents and doing things like this for the kids. I’m really looking forward to football season. September 5 is when it starts so not too much longer. :)

We just had a very nice supper with our buddies (two sets of other parents and their young’uns).  Cain just left the hotel and we will be spending some time with him tomorrow before we head home. We were supposed to be heading to Virginia tomorrow but that job got postponed until later in the week. Anyway, can’t wait to spend more time with Cain.


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