Love the Rain

This morning I woke up before 7:30 to the wonderful sound of the pouring rain. I went out on the screened in back porch and sat for a while. It was a terrific start to the day.

A little later in the morning two young men came to cut down some limbs off our sweetgum trees and off of a couple of oak trees. I hated cutting the limbs off of the oaks, but their limbs were damaging a couple of my dogwood trees, and putting pressure on the power line that runs to our house. They did a great job, BUT they ran over one of my small azalea bushes.  I was livid, but Marshall shrugged it off so I just bit my tongue. :)

I went to the gym around 12:30 and had a really good workout. I can feel the changes in my body, but my arms are still SO weak. I could probably crush you with my legs, but I can barely lift a paper towel with my arms. ;)

The sun came out this afternoon so we grilled out. We enjoyed relaxing on the porch and looking at how much more sunshine hits the yard now that all those limbs are gone.

It was a terrific day. :)

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3 thoughts on “Love the Rain

  1. You know, when you say things like “two young men came to cut…” I picture someone in a rocking chair with their cane in their lap talking wistfully about the good old days when Cokes were a nickel.

    Not that you just turned 40 or anything…


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