It’s A Good Thing We Love Her :)

Oh boy. :( I took Lucy to the groomer today and had them shave her since the weather is getting warmer. Bless her heart but she’s SO ugly. See?! She looks like a completely different dog. :( Oh well, at least it’ll be grown back out a little bit by the time she has her second birthday on April 26th. I hope. Ugh…

Brooke and I worked out then went to Wal-Mart to get a few groceries. I haven’t bought groceries (and cleaning supplies, dog food, etc.) in a while and we spent WAY too much money on NOTHING. The price of dog food is insane. Well, the price of everything is too high, really.  :(

My birthday present from Brooke & Cain got here today. When I opened the box I almost cried:

It’s the North Face hiking shoes I’ve been wanting for over a year now. They are Gore-Tex and therefore waterproof. Of course, they’re so pretty I may never wear them. ;)  Thanks, kids! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Off to bed. Nighty night. :)

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