I was such a self-absorbed brat yesterday that I forgot to wish Happy Birthday to my Daddy, and to one of my BFF’s, Chrisi. :( AND it was the first day of spring! Yay! Luckily, Chrisi and my Dad knows how much I love them, and I did send them birthday wishes. :)

Also, don’t be hatin’, but I got this in an email yesterday:

Amy and I are tight like that.  I told the kids that they probably Photoshopped the crack pipe out of her hands and added the balloons. :) I hope she gets her life straightened out. I LOVE her voice.

Well, Marshall and I are leaving to go meet about 25 members of the Pennington family at Rock Town. If I don’t post tomorrow it’s because over half of thsoe 25 will be children under the age of six. Don’t they know I’m 40 now? I’m too old for kids that little. ;)

Happy Birthday, Chrisi!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

I love you both. :)

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