Isn’t this adorable?  My hubby made this cake for me AND decorated it today. What an angel. :)

I had a bad start to the day.  Turning 40 has been very traumatic for me. I don’t really care to go into the whys, but I’ve spent the day reflecting on things and trying to get in some sort of a decent mood about it. For some reason, too, I had thought that my family would make a big deal out of the day since it IS a big birthday for a woman.

I have been looking forward to what surprises they might have in store for me for WEEKS, and there were no surprises. :( I was pretty sad about that. And I don’t mean presents; I was just hoping we could maybe go to a couple of my favorite areas and hike or just anything like that–nothing material. I mean, I’ve only talked about turning 40 for the last three years, so I was kind of shocked that they acted as if this were any other day. :( I wrongly assumed that my hubby and I would go out to breakfast or something–and then NOTHING. I was pouting, I guess.  And YES, I know that’s ridiculous and I KNOW I’m a spoiled rotten brat. I KNOW this. I’m trying to fix me. :)

We were supposed to go to a cookout at my Daddy’s house today. It’s his birthday today, too. My stepmother and I decided to postpone the cookout to a later date. I wasn’t upset about postponing it because I really had no desire to go anywhere, plus I’ll be with my Dad for most of the day tomorrow.

I finally got to feeling better about things as the afternoon went on. You can call me a whiner or anything you want; doesn’t bother me. :) I know that I’m blessed to even be alive and to have such a good life. It was just HARD to accept that I’m 40 now, ok?! ;) I absolutely can’t believe the last 20 years passed by so quickly (and boy, did they ever go by in a blink of an eye!).

My husband made that cake for me. I thought it was SO sweet. He iced it and everything. :) It tickled me pink. I sure love him. How cute is that cake?!

My day ended up being absolutely perfect. Marshall cooked out steaks, made salad, and made those delicious oven-roasted garlic potatoes that I love. My two beautiful children were both home and just the four of us enjoyed our yummy supper. We sat out on the back porch and started a fire in the fire pit. I enjoyed SO much just being with the three people I love most on this earth. :) I AM truly blessed.

The kids and I went to the gym around 8:30. I didn’t want to miss a day and was happy that they went with me to work out. And I’m patting myself on the back for not skipping today just because it was my birthday, especially since I had a piece of birthday cake. (o=


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5 thoughts on “40

  1. tried to call you last night…hope you are feeling better about getting old…ha..just wanted to say i love and you never answer your cell phone i did not leave a message…

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