Not A Thing

I had things that I wanted to accomplish today that I did not get accomplished.

I’m not happy about that.

Turning 40 is FREAKING me out.

I’m not happy about that, either.

Seriously, freaking out here. This is how *I’m* personally dealing with it. I know it’s different for everyone. 25 was also very traumatic. 30 was not.

40 is making me VERY thoughtful.

I’ll work through it. Just hang in there with me. :)

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3 thoughts on “Not A Thing

  1. it does not get any easier…just wait until you’re my age…just think i quit having bdays so now you can catch me…

  2. Happy Birthday! I will be having the big 5-0 this year! and I plan on having a blast! Can’t wait until fooball starts back. We miss seeing and being with you and Marshall. Don’t worry about the birthday you are still hot and smokin’and have just started living! Have a great one!

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