Beautiful Day Today

Today was a glorious day here in Nashville. Marshall got off for lunch and we drove over to John Hunter State Park. It’s a beautiful, small park near a huge lake.

I took Marshall back to his job site and then went back to the park. Since I’m here and not able to go to the gym I walked and walked and walked. I also took quite a few pictures. I was happy to see this blue jay with his crest up, but I had hoped to get better shots of him than I did.

We had O’Charley’s for supper. They have the “2 Meals for $14.99” so it was cheap AND enjoyable. The job got finished today so, yay, we get to go home first thing in the morning after he drops off some paperwork.

I can’t wait to get home since my Toukie Bear is home for his spring break. He will have to leave on Sunday.  I’m SO ready for summer so he’ll be home for a while. :)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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