No Gym Today

This morning I took a break from the gym. A body needs rest after a while, right? My body, however, didn’t get any rest today. I got out of bed, dressed and immediately started working on the house. I got the dishes washed, several loads of clothes washed, dusting, flipped my mattress…just all sorts of fun stuff. I got a lot of exercise, but I still felt guilty for not going to the gym.

Marshall and I are in Nashville. I didn’t bring my Lucy Goose on this trip and I wish I would’ve. I’m sure she misses me horribly. She’s probably just moping around, anxiously watching the door for my return. Sure, she’s with Brooke and Cain, but she’s probably having an awful time with them. :(


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One thought on “No Gym Today

  1. Thanks for making all the butt jokes tonight! Eric needed a little wiseass in his diet ! He is resting and should be fully recovered in a couple days!

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