Five Straight Days :)

Ok, I almost peed my pants when hubby and I were walking through the woods today and I spotted these wildflowers.  These are called Dutchman’s Breeches and I have been looking for these for YEARS. YEARS I tell you! I was SO excited. I was not expecting to see them at all, mainly because I never do. What I realized is that I’ve been going out too late in the spring to find them. Now I know. :) Happy, happy, joy, joy!

I tell you what, Zicam is the REAL deal. Yesterday I felt like horse crap. I took Zicam and today I feel perfectly fine. Good stuff.

Today was five straight days in the gym. I’m SO proud of me. I’ve been working out since last Friday, but skipped the weekend and started back on Monday. I’m already excited about going in the morning. I’m keeping up with my calorie intake on my iphone with the free “Lose It” application. I do not cheat and put every single thing that I eat into my log for the day.

Right now, my calorie budget is 1,548. That will allow me to lose two pounds a week. Of course, I want to lose at least three pounds a week, but no more than that because I know that it’s not healthy to lose anymore than that, plus your chances of gaining it all back are higher if you lose a lot of weight at once.  So far, after inputting everything I eat and all of my daily exercise, I have yet to go over my 1,548 calories. Go me!

It could be why I’m so lightheaded, too. ;) Today I’ve been extremely lightheaded, almost off-balance. I’m not sure why. I wish it would go away.

My Toukie Bear is home. Yay! Of course, he’s going to Ellijay tomorrow and he won’t be home until Monday morning. I hope he can pencil us in. :)


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One thought on “Five Straight Days :)

  1. There is only a small window of time to see Dutchman’s Breeches. I have them in my woods and it is the highlight of my spring to find oodles of them covering one section of my woodland.

    Keep up the good workouts!!!

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