Day of Rest


Had an enjoyable breakfast with our family members I mentioned in yesterday’s post. I’m happy that they all got to come down. I may even remember how to make biscuits now. :)  We sat outside after breakfast and enjoyed this warm weather we’re having.

After they left we didn’t do a thing at all. It was the first day of rest we’ve had in a long time. I caught up on some reading and then fell asleep on the back porch. That lasted about 15 minutes and guess who woke me up?! If you guessed my husband, you’d be right. I don’t know WHY he never lets me sleep. Arrrrgh!

In the morning I’ll be back in the gym. I’m looking forward to it. I can really tell that there has been a change in my thinking. I haven’t felt this way before about getting in shape. I guess that whole thinking-that-I-was-about-to-die thing has had a positive effect on me. :) Things DO change when you’re thinking that you’re living in your last minutes, and I really did believe that.

I’m reading and going to bed. Have a great night.

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