Day 1


This morning I woke up, sore as can be from my massage and my muscle spasm. I was VERY excited about heading to the gym though. Brooke had to work so she couldn’t go, but Kandi and I went and had a nice, long workout. We ended our workout with a long few minutes in the sauna. It felt great to get in there. I mean it this time, kiddos, this weight is coming off.

I’m tired so this is going to be a short post. I have lots to say later though. :)

We had supper tonight with a bunch of our buddies. Marshall, Brooke, Kandi, and myself, met Tim, Jen, & Max, Dawnia and Rowan, and Matt and Sheila at Longhorn Steakhouse. That’s, of course, Brooke and Rowan in the photo above.  Aren’t they adorable?

And here’s a picture of me that Brooke took on the way to Chattanooga. We had to send her Nikon back to Amazon because it was a piece of crap. This time I got her a trusty ol’ Kodak and she seems to like it pretty well. I look tired in this photo. And I am. :)

100_0007-1Good night, buddies!

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