Life-Changing Event

Initially I didn’t want to blog about this because I didn’t want it to overshadow the tremendously wonderful day that I had. BUT, it was such a major thing to happen to me that I couldn’t NOT talk about it. I need to remember this. Let me tell you about my day first. :)

My BFF, Kandi, picked me up this morning to give me an early birthday present: a day of relaxation and pampering. :) We first had breakfast and then she made appointments for us to have massages at a local spa near her studio. While waiting on our appointment times, we went to McKay Used Bookstore and browsed their aisles, both coming away with some good purchases.

We got to the spa about 1:30 to talk to the girls who would be doing the massages.  I went in my room, Kandi went in hers, and I spent a blissful hour being tortured by my massage therapist. (o=

I had a deep tissue massage on my upper body and now I know how the term “hurt so good” originated.  I ain’t gonna lie: it was painful, but it felt good at the same time, if that makes sense. For a solid hour I was in heaven. And hell. I do admit that I was pretty tense the whole time. I couldn’t stop thinking about how the girl massaging me must’ve wanted to throw up because I’m so fat. She didn’t seem to let it bother her though. She was great. I’ve never had an hour massage, and never anything so intense. It was amazing.

Immediately after my massage I felt so good that I almost cried. It was such a strange reaction and I don’t know where it came from but I had to hold back the tears. I was glad the therapist had already left the room to let me get dressed. After I got dressed and waited on Kandi to be finished with her massage I stood up front talking to my therapist and two other therapists. I COULD HARDLY SPEAK! I was able to talk, but my sentences weren’t forming. It was just nuts. I stayed like that for about 45 minutes. The massage was one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever received. Thank you so much, Kandi! :) And they have gift certificates which make GREAT birthday presents.  Just sayin’…

After we left the spa we went right next door to Umbra. They have lots of goodies from local artists, but mainly they have the most delicious smelling homemade candles. I bought three: Red Currant, Tea & Lemongrass, and Nag Champa. They all smell SO wonderful! I’m very excited about them.

We left there and had lunch at Cracker Barrel. We rocked on the porch for a while afterwards and then went to an antique store and browsed around for about an hour. We then decided to head home.

We drove the scenic route to our hometown of Trenton and was going to go over the mountain to get back to my house. About  halfway up the mountain, Kandi said something and I chuckled and immediately started having chest pains. I honestly, without question, thought I was having a heart attack. I have a couple of heart problems and really believed that this was it, that my heart was finally just giving out.

I sat there for a minute before I said anything to Kandi, not wanting to panic. I’ve had gas pains before and wondered if it could be gas, but this was different. The pain got worse and I told her that we needed to stop at the store to let me get some aspirin. I knew that aspirin could possibly save my life if it were indeed a heart attack. When we stopped I got out of the truck and the pain increased. I told her to call 911. I just knew that was it.

To make a long story short, I took an ambulance ride to the hospital. They ran several tests and my heart is fine and what happened was a spasm of my esophagus. The doctor told me that those spasms DO actually feel like a heart attack. I was SO happy that my heart was fine, but embarrassed that so many of my wonderful family members came up there to make sure I was ok.

I’m done. I’m not NOT going to live my life anymore with all this fat hanging off me.  I honestly believed I was dying and I couldn’t stop thinking about how things would’ve been fine if only I had lost this weight a long time ago. No more, friends.

Besides almost dying (or so I thought) this was a terrific day.  I can’t believe Kandi got me a massage for my birthday, and now I want more. LOL It was great! The day was spectacular.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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4 thoughts on “Life-Changing Event

  1. I think we should do some excursions as a group to help encourage each other in weight loss. I have been wanting a bike for a long time to go riding with a friend of ours who I am concerned about along with myself.

    What our retirement years are going to be like are determined by our care for ourselves NOW!!!

    Lets make it a point prior to any social occassion to go to a park and do a mile walk. Lap swiming at D’s place even if some look like drowning puppies.
    Who’s on board with me on this idea?

  2. I’m in. I quit chocolate cold turkey yesterday! I’m with you sister… I can’t have this on my body anymore. I can’t even blame it on baby now, she is almost 4 months old.

    I’m in.

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