Five Out of Six


Marshall and I may be nuts. We got out in this 31 degree weather and went Geocaching. We found five out of six caches and I think the only reason we didn’t find the one is because it was near a stream and it looks like the stream recently flooded. We also found our first “First to Find” Geocache. Yay, us! :)  I know, I know, you’re all calling us a couple of dorks, but we LOVE it, and we’re exercising, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

During a hike through the woods the Goose became completely nuts when she smelled whatever was on these leaves. She rolled and wiggled for a good five minutes. Five long minutes. I was on top of the hill and she and Marshall were way down below me and she was still rolling when I finally made it down (I was taking pictures of wildflowers). She would NOT leave. I had to physically remove her (still rolling) to get her away from them. No telling what kind of stinky crap she rolled in, but boy, did she ever enjoy it. She did NOT enjoy the bath she got when she got home.

She’s finally starting to feel better. She’s walking on her leg now, and is able to jump down from the furniture, but still struggles a little bit to jump up on the furniture, well, that is unless she is so caught up in barking at the cat or at someone walking down the street. Then she jumps like a cheetah springing on its prey. :)

We drove ALLLLL the way to Scottsboro, Alabama, last night to have supper at Ruby Tuesday with some men from Austria that Marshall had met while on a job a few years ago. Only one of them actually had supper with us, but we went back to his hotel room afterwards and the rest of his friends came there to see Marshall. We had such a wonderful time with them!

One of them (a “baby” at 24 years old) was a fellow photographer hobbyist and shared with me the photos that he took while on a FOUR HUNDRED MILE canoe trip in the Yukon Territory. He was so sweet, as were Marshall’s other buddies. I loved listening to their accents, and I got tickled a couple of times when they asked me to please “slow down” so they could understand what I was saying. I told them that I was pretty sure that no southerner had EVER been told to “slow down” while speaking. I said, “This IS slow!” :) Cute, cute! We hope to see them again before they return to Austria. Actually I guess we’ll HAVE to see them because Marshall forgot his coat there. :(

Speaking of Marshall, he is getting sick again. He’s getting a cold and I pray that it’s not as bad as the one he just got over a couple of weeks ago. :(

Well, time for bed. Hope you had a beautiful day. We sure did. :)

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One thought on “Five Out of Six

  1. Morris loves baths…then he runs around like a nutcase.
    Sounds like you are SO into this geocaching!

    Isn’t it enjoyable to wander around the woods?
    I love it, and my treasures are generally unusual finds!

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