Crisp Winter Day

We slept until 9 this morning which I absolutely HATE doing. It feels like the whole day is just wasted if I get up that late.

I’ve been washing clothes and doing invoices for Marshall. I want to be outside but it’s so cold out there (officially 31 but colder with the wind chill) that it’s almost too painful to be out.

Marshall and I are going out to eat tonight with some friends. I’m very much looking forward to it.

Have a good evening. :)

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2 thoughts on “Crisp Winter Day

  1. Sounds like a lazy kind of day! I was at work by 7:15 this morning but didn’t get to stay long because Jordan got sick and I had to go get him.

    The day ended weird. The girls found a puppy in our yard and not it is sleeping on Eric. I guess we are adopting

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