Sure, it was colder than a well digger’s…um…I mean it was colder than a witches … uh … it was COLD, ok? But did that stop me and my family from going Geocaching today? No, no it did not. It DID, however, cut our trip shorter than what we wanted, but we were tough! We were strong! We found six Geocaches, all on Lookout Mountain. It was only 24 degrees (literally) with a wind chill of about 15, but like I said, we don’t fool around when it comes to Geocaching. The wind finally got to us though. It was brutal.

In the photo above is, from left, Chad (Brooke’s boyfriend), my honey bunches, SuperGirl Brooke, Darren (Cain’s buddy from college), and Cain. None of us could feel our faces (except maybe Chad), but we did have a good time. :)

Here was our first find, which took a little longer than it should’ve, but only because Brooke was trying to blast everyone with snowballs:


Boy did we have fun.  I wasn’t ready to stop by any means, but Cain and Darren had to get back to school (a three-hour drive), and really, the wind was painful. Marshall and I are planning on going again tomorrow.

Have I mentioned that my birthday is coming up? I’ll be 40 in 19 more days. I’ve told my family that I want gift certificates from Lowe’s or Home Depot so that I can go to their garden centers and load up on birdfeeders, bird food, flowers, etc. Is it wrong that I want black oil sunflower seeds for my birthday?  Nah…

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