In the Rain


This is part of the view from the first Geocache hiding spot Marshall and I visited today. It was drizzling rain and very cloudy and gray all day, but we had SUCH a good time together. We found six today and I can’t wait to go back.

We searched for Geocaches in the Marion County, Tennessee area. It’s so pretty over that way. We will probably go back over that way in the next couple of weeks since we only hit the tip of the iceberg. We visited several pretty areas today, some we didn’t even know existed.

I was sad to hear that Paul Harvey died. I remember my parents listening to him when I was a little girl (and that was a LONG time ago). I’ve always been a fan. He seemed a wonderful gentleman from all the things I’ve ever heard about him. I bet God is listening to all sorts of wonderful stories right now. :)

I’ll be *choke* FORTY *choke* in 20 more days. 40. Fourdasho. FORTY! Twenty years since I was 20. Holy cow, time flies, youngsters. It flies.

I noticed tonight that to look at something in my hand I had to pull my head waaaay back to see it. WHAT does that mean?! Eyes, please don’t give out on me. You’re the only good thing I’ve got going right now. My hearing has been headed out the door for a few years now.

I ALWAYS have to go back and correct “that.” I always spell it as “taht.” There are other words, too, but I constantly mess taht one up. :)


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3 thoughts on “In the Rain

  1. I love Paul Harvey! I didn’t hear that he had died. Even when I was a teenager flipping through channels I’d always stop and listen. If not for him I may have never heard of the Bose radio. I haven’t heard his voice on the radio in years but I can hear it clearly.

  2. Oh and I saw Kevin today. I told him your 40th was in a few weeks and that we would have a gathering. He got all excited that a trip to Alan’s may be soon. He said he couldn’t WAIT to see Marshall at AG’s. I told him Marsh would NOT be accompanying us should we make it and he was disappointed. Couldn’t understand why. It was a funny conversation, wish you had been there.

    I’m ready to dance baby and I know you are… get your 80’s on.

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