I Want One!

I got to keep Rowan this afternoon. :) Paint me a happy camper.  I want one! She is SO, SO stinkin’ adorable and she’s such a good baby. I love to see her smile. She’s precious. M.O.B.H. did manage to hold her the majority of the time, but I’m going to make sure she has to be at work from now on when I get to keep her. ;) I was NOT happy when Dawnia came to get her. ;)

I got up this morning and went to Guntersville with my honey bunches. We came home and I helped Brooke straighten the house and for the rest of the afternoon we watched Rowan.

I don’t feel much like blogging lately. My blog will be five years old this October. I’ve been boring people all these years. :)  I love to go back and read over my days, but I hate when it feels like a chore.

I was REALLY hoping to go Geocaching tomorrow and Saturday but noooo, there’s a 100-percent chance of rain. :( I’m totally bummed about that. Maybe the rain will hold off and we can go for a while tomorrow. :)

Cain should be home any minute. I can’t wait to see my Toukie! :) In fact, there he is. Yay!


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