For Cryin’ Out Loud!

This is Brooke in the bamboo at the Chattanooga Nature Center. I wish that people wouldn’t carve stuff in the bamboo. :( Stupid people.

I went to my Daddy’s this morning to meet with him and my cousin Barbara to work on family history. We worked for a bit then went to lunch. I got sick at lunch with my stupid reflux/hiatal hernia crap. I thought I might actually die this time, and after an hour or so, still in excruciating pain, I headed home.

I’m in bed, watching tv.  The pain subsided about an hour and a half after I got home. I need to go to the doctor. This stuff is horrible. :(

Have a good night.

Happy Birthday, E!  Keep your *gag* toenails *gag* to yourself! *gag*

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