Ho Hum

This is Brooke with one of the Geocaches we found yesterday. We had SO much fun. We laughed so hard that we both had to get in “the stance” before we made it out of the woods. You girls know what I mean! LOL. We were laughing SO hard and so long that Marshall left us far behind. He said we sounded like “cackling hens.” That was fine with us. :)

Today was a quiet day here at the house. I took Lucy to the vet first thing this morning. Turns out she has infection in both her ears, bless her heart. The vet (love him!) gave me some drops to put in her ears, two times a day. She doesn’t enjoy that a whole lot but hopefully she’ll be well soon. She sure hasn’t been herself lately. :(

I took Goose home and went and got groceries. $92 on groceries and it seems like I got NOTHING. I hate that.

I cleaned my room and straightened the rest of the house. I’m also going through old pictures to see what I can take to Dad’s for our family history research.Marshall didn’t have to work all day so he piddled around outside when he got home.

We had yummy sandwiches for supper and now we’re relaxing and watching television. It has been a nice day. :)

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