Thursday Super Fun Day

Today was “Thursday Super Fun Day” for Kandi and myself, except we had to take out the “super” part because her DVD player wouldn’t work. We had planned on hanging out at her studio and watching Nights in Rodanthe but it didn’t work out that way. Kandi, who has already watched the movie twice, was pretty tore up about not getting to watch it again, but I was fine and promised her we’d watch it next week. ;)

We went back to my house and dropped Lucy off and then headed to Wal-Mart. She got what she needed while I got groceries. When we got back to my house, she left and Dawnia came by so that Rowan could see her Aunt Rachel and Uncle Marshall (which is what I hope she calls us!). I was SO happy to see Rowan because Brooke was at work and couldn’t be MOBH (Mean Ol’ Baby Hog). Haha! I took lots and lots of photos to show Brooke when she got off work …mainly just so I could rub it in that she wasn’t here. :)

I had a great day. It was great to see Kandi and Dawnia (and especially Rowan).


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One thought on “Thursday Super Fun Day

  1. Oh how I giggled after Brooke called me to get on to me for coming by when she is not there. Teeheehee

    Saturday night is on at Donna’s if C doesn’t come home. Donna misses Marshall. Go figure.

    You too of course…

    And you are aunt Rachel and uncle Marshall. That makes Marshall a monkeys uncle.

    I crack myself up.

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