Brooke left for Atlanta this morning so I took Lucy to the kennel to play then I headed off to Chattanooga.

I went to McKay Used Bookstore and bought 19 books for $38. Had I payed full price for these books they’d have been over $300. :) I have a ton of books that I need to take up there and trade in. I don’t know why I forgot to take them.

After I left there I met my buddies Kandi and Ricki and we had lunch at Longhorn. It was yummy. We stopped by Kandi’s studio for a little while and then I came on home. Kandi’s mom was helping to replace some windows in her home when the window fell and crushed her fingers. Kandi went to the hospital to see her then kindly came to my house to show me the pics of her Mom’s fingers. You could literally see the bone and tendons in one of the pics. *gag*  Poor thing, I can’t imagine how bad that must’ve hurt. :(

Marshall got home around 7. We ate and watched Survivor and that’s about it for our exciting night. :) Kandi and I are going to hang out tomorrow (can’t wait to go shooting!) and then Cain will be home tomorrow night. Yay!


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