“Storm” Was A Bust


This is a picture I took about three years ago at the Ocoee. I love going up there and watching people raft and kayak, but you couldn’t pay me to go down that river. NO thank you!

I didn’t do much of anything today. I did my household chores then took my laptop out on the back porch and watched the rain move in. Rough storms were predicted for our area but nothing happened here at the house. We heard two rumbles of thunder (literally, just two) and that was it. The wind was pretty fierce but it just wasn’t that exciting. I was a bit disappointed.

I’ve actually slept for the last three nights. I’m pretty excited about that. :) I’ve been falling asleep between 11:30 – midnight and sleeping soundly until about 3:30. I wake up and fall back asleep within an hour or so. Yay!  I’m also getting up early, which is how I prefer things to be. I HATE sleeping past 7 because I feel like I’ve wasted half my day when I do.  Keep your fingers crossed that this pattern continues. I’m pretty excited about it. :)

Have a good night!

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