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Brooke has early class on Tuesdays and Thursdays so when she got home today we took Lucy to the kennel to be groomed and then headed to get ourselves a pedicure. Brooke had a gift certificate for a pedicure and manicure, and I was jealous. I tell you, if you’ve never had a pedicure, you need to go NOW. It feels so wonderful.

After we were finished there we stopped by the store to get some small trinkets to trade in any Geocaches that we find since SOMEONE forget to get our cache stash from her boyfriend’s backpack. We then headed to the Chattanooga Nature Center where I thought a bunch of caches were hidden. Apparently I was wrong, but we still had a good time and Brooke even spotted this owl there. It was hiding in a tree in the middle of a HUGE bamboo patch.

We left there, found one cache, and realized the day had gotten away from us. I seriously don’t know how this day went by so quickly. We picked up Goose (who looks absolutely adorable AND you can see her eyes now) and headed home.

Oh, and I read my post about me not being a “people person” and I just want to clarify: I DO like people. What I don’t like is strangers walking through my yard and loud, obnoxious people.  :) I’m extremely shy until I get to know someone and then I’m ok. I think. ;)

Have a good night!

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One thought on “Out & About

  1. Shy? Really? Hmmm….

    I wish I’d discovered pedicures years ago. I never knew I had sexy feet. I just had my third one a few days ago and it did feel good but was not as satisfying as the others. Before, my feet were so ugly and funky and icky that there was a huge difference. Now that I have them “maintained” it isn’t such a contrast as before, they feel and look great all the time. I’m turning into a girl. Someone shoot me now.

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