Happy Birthday, Joseph!


Happy Birthday to my “baby” brother who turns 35 today. He will never read this, but that’s ok. :) This is him with his son, Jonah, about to have a brutal fight with Nerf Dart Tag, which is all kinds of fun.

Here are the two of us playing “Super Hero.”  These were the ages that we both enjoyed one another. I’m five years older than he is so, so we basically fought like cats and dogs on down the road.


He was so cute. :) Here’s another of my favorite shots of us. I used to ride him backwards on my banana seat bike, always reminding him to keep his feet out of the spokes:


Man, we had a blast on that bike. :)

Joseph and I rarely see one another these days. It’s a shame, really.  He has some issues that he needs to straighten out, and I sure hope he does so that he will make it to his 40th birthday.

Brooke’s boyfriend, Chad, is here, and they went to Canyon Grill to have supper. She still had a gift certificate from Christmas ’07. Marshall and I stayed home and had homemade chili.

We have a big day planned for tomorrow. I can’t wait. :)

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