Wicked Witch


This is Axl Rose. I was outside trying to take pictures of a sweet gum ball (the fruit from the tree, not chewing gum) and Axl (a girl) decided to plop down in front of me and slap at the camera strap. That’s her paw in the foreground. I love how she’s holding her tongue. Obviously she’s really concentrating.

I’m a witch today, and the day is young. I spent the majority of last night begging Marshall to roll over. If he is on his right side he doesn’t snore as bad–but he still snores. I’m frustrated because the snoring is causing a REAL problem and bless his heart, he can’t help it. I just don’t know what to do. I certainly don’t want to sleep in separate beds or anything like that, but I’m NOT sleeping and sometimes neither is he because I keep waking him up. I just don’t know what to do. Maybe I SHOULD go sleep in another bed so he can get some sleep. :(

Ok, it’s later in the day. I wrote that this morning. :) Brooke and I went to the gym and worked out for an hour, then drove over to the track and walked about a half-mile. I feel MUCH better and am truthfully astonished at the energy I have.

Being a lazy fat butt is NOT where it’s at, that’s fo’sho. Please, dear God, help me to stick with a plan that gets my heart, body, and soul in shape.

Have a great evening. :)

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5 thoughts on “Wicked Witch

  1. My husband and I use to snore. We bought a memory foam mattress from Southern bedding in Summerville. Since then we do not snore. My friend bought one and now she doesn’t snore. So maybe you could try one of those.

  2. Snoring is also a ‘possible’ indication of sleep apnea. Rich used to ‘lift’ the roof off the house and I had to sleep in another room.
    He was dx’d with sleep apnea and with some changes … we can now sleep in more peace than before.

    Walking is good for you!
    It makes you smile inside and out.

  3. Snoring is also an issue in our house, but I am pretty sure sleep apnea is not the issue.

    One of us usually just goes into another room to sleep. If one simply cannot get to sleep because of the tree-sawing activity of the other, it is unreasonable for either spouse to expect him or her to remain in bed with the offending “outboard motor” instead of going elsewhere to get some shut-eye. The alternative is grouchy cranky snarling spouses because of sleep deprivation.

    Just my .02 here. ;-)

  4. I remember those days. Fondly oddly enough but although I’d trade an empty bed for a snoring head any day, it is nice to sleep without someone else waking you up. At least I think so. Now It is a fuss bucket that wakes me up but I can usually give her what she wants before she gets too rowdy.

    And I know you’d never think of trading M in for a newer, less noise making model…. well, even if you thought of it, don’t bother. They all do it. Well, most of them anyway.

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