Not much to say today. I spent the day throwing away old paperwork. Doesn’t that sound fun?!


This morning I scared the bejeepers out of Marshall. I was still asleep when he got out of bed. He came in to kiss me goodbye (remember, I’m still asleep) and he got right in my face and all I knew is that I was grabbing both sides of his face and holding it REALLY tight while I gathered my senses. When I finally “came to” I realized he was smiling at me and then he just shook his head.

These people I live with/have lived with KNOW not to get in my face when I’m asleep. Just ask Cain if you don’t believe me. That poor child has been punched in the face, slapped in the face, and other horrible things I can’t mention here. The little guy would just be coming in, in the middle of the night to tell me had an earache or he was sick and he’d get belted.

One of the things that we joke about now is the time he came in and got in my face and said, “Mom?” and I punched him scare in the jaw.” I mean I socked him! (This is the edited version, my friends get the unedited version)I FREAKED out when I realized I had hit him. When I apologized (over and over and over) and then asked him what was wrong he said, “Well I have an earache and now my jaw hurts, too!” :) He was just a little guy…bless his heart.  Anyway, do NOT get in my face if I’m asleep. It’s not healthy for you.

This morning Brooke was already up when I got out of bed. She said she took Lucy out and she said, “Mom! It looks like glitter is floating ALLLLL in the air…but I guess it’s snow.” I said, “Yeah, it’s snow, there’s no such thing as glitter clouds except for in My Little Pony cartoons or Care Bear cartoons…or in Cheech & Chong movies.” Then we cracked up. :)

Trust me, I know it’s not funny to YOU, dear reader, but I write it here because I save my blogs and *I* want to remember how we laughed when I go back and read this years from now. :)

Night. (I think I’ve used this pic before, doggone it.)

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2 thoughts on “Bored

  1. You did use the pic. You took it here NYE (which can you believe was an entire month ago) and used it as your last pic on blogger. I know this because every stupid time I go to your blog I forget it has moved and have to see it and get redirected. I am a creature of habit.

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