“AND Shih Tzu’s Don’t Bark!”

That’s my honey and Goose standing on the bluff yesterday in Head River on Lookout Mountain. It was SO beautiful. We didn’t stay out too long because, as you know, we’ve both been sick, but we sure had a good time while we were out.

Someone once told me that Shih Tzu’s didn’t bark. She also said that “even if they do, they don’t bark very loud.” That person lied. Straight up lied. Lucy Goose has not shut up barking ALL day long. It’s cute at first, and then it slowly starts getting on your nerves. She barks at the cats or at people walking down the road or a piece of lint or your face or any other number of things. She’s driving me bananas today. I still wouldn’t take a million for her though. :)

I’m getting a lot of editing done on my people photos. I’m slowly having them printed. There are thousands and thousands of them so it’s going to take a LONG time. It’s fun going down memory lane though. I’m seeing so many that I’d forgotten that I had taken. Fun!

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