A Terrific Day

This is a Golden-crowned Kinglet. I spotted it in our sweet gum tree this afternoon. It was a first for me as I’ve never seen a bird like this before since I’ve been a birding hobbyist. I was very excited.

Today I woke up and felt better than I have in several days. Marshall and I both still have a yucky ol’ cough but I think he also felt better today. I wish we had been well enough to go to the Pennington family dinner we had today at my Grandpa’s. I sure hated sitting here at home knowing that all that side of our family were together.  Of course, I’m SURE they had a horrible time and no laughs at all without me there. Right? :(

The temperature got up to about 62 degrees today so I sat out on the back porch in the sunshine for most of the afternoon.  I read my Birds & Blooms magazine, and also set my camera up on my tripod and waited to see what birds I could spot. It was just a very enjoyable afternoon. :)

We’re watching the Super Bowl and there’s just two or three minutes left in the game. The Steelers are making me VERY nervous. I can’t believe the score is so close (20-14) right now.

This was my favorite commercial from the Super Bowl ads:

Brooke and I thought it would have also been funny if Mr. Potato Head had just removed his ears OR if he had pulled off Mrs. Potato Head’s lips off and chunked them in the back . :)

Great…there was a safety and now the Steelers have to kick off.  I need to go so I can bite my fingernails…

(Kidding, I don’t bite my fingernails.)

:) Night!

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2 thoughts on “A Terrific Day

  1. Or if he had just pulled off his ears.

    I bought Brooke a stuffed Mr. Potato Head at the thrift store. .79 cents. Gotta love it.

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